Lets fight against Covid 19

  • Lets fight against Covid 19
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Daily wage workers and their families of Dharavi, Kalina, Jogeshwari, Andheri, and rural part Palghar have been the worst affected due to the ongoing lockdown to tackle Covid-19. They have no income & are struggling to meet their daily needs for survival.

They are not able to pay for their rent, their ration card belongs to their native so they are not getting through the government as well, some of them are single mothers, some are differently-abled.

We request you to understand your social responsibility and step forward to help those who help all of us daily.

1200 "families in need" have been supported by our team so far with essential groceries. We are committed to continue supporting them with any basic needs as soon as possible. We provide them with the following;
1. Wheat flour 5 kg
2. Rice 5 kg
3. Cooking oil 1 kg
4. Toor Daal 500 gm
5. Moong Daal 500 gm
6. Chawla 500 gm
7. Matki 500 gm
8. Chilies 100 gm
9. Turmeric 100 gm
10. Besan flour 300 gm
11. Salt 1 kg
To date, more than 5000 people in Mumbai are affected to covid-19 and the numbers are getting higher. Many of them were the only income source of the family. Their families are also quarantined which makes it more difficult for them to have basic necessities.
To avoid this dangerous virus government of India has announced the locked-down. People are now forced to remain indoors during the pandemic.
    thanks to all the socially responsible citizens
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