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Imagine a life where one has to struggle every day to fulfill the basic needs of food, shelter and clothing.
More than 1.3 million children are deprived of the education and basic necessities due to the lack of resources and absence of people to support.
Nitesh is a 11 years old kid from Bihar whose childhood is in danger due to the financial conditions of his family. His father is bedridden, and he’s unable to work. His mother died few years ago due to cancer and now there is no one to help the family. The Innocence of his childhood is fading away due to the miserable conditions of his family.
Nitesh lives with 4 of his siblings, his sisters wanted to study but she couldn’t go to college due to financial deprivation. Nitesh is a very bright student who is in the VIth standard whereas his brother, Ritesh is in VIIIth standard; these kids are asking for help so that they can continue their education and make their future better. Education is the only way out for them from their current situation.

School Details
School Name - Vidya Bharti Public School
Location - Maunbehat, Darbhanga, Bihar
Principal - Mr.Subodh Jha
Contact No. - 9955139779
NGO Councillor Details: Name - Kamaljit Kaur, No.- 8527041249
(Diya India Foundation)

Support Required
Yearly Support - Rs. 48,000/-
Monthly Education, Food and Medical expenses - Rs. 4000/-

Help Nitesh with your kind gesture and gift him a better and empowered life.
    thanks to all the socially responsible citizens
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  • 25,000
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