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About the organization
Vishvashanti Mahila Vikas Mandal (VSMVM) is the non-government organization founded in the year 2005 by the proactive community women from Mankhurd area of Mumbai. The organization was especially formed for holistic development of the community through, basic education, health and protecting women rights. The organizations governing body consists of mainly women from the community.
The organization mainly focuses on the rights of women and their empowerment through education, health and employment opportunities. SHG is one of the excellent medium to empower women through provision of various kinds of employment opportunities at their door steps. It also does capacity building of women by providing various trainings to girls and community women for literacy, employment opportunity, health etc. The main purpose of the organization is to empower women by utilizing all of its capacity for their development.
About the Project:
Domestic workers are among the lowest paid workers in India and are paid an amount which is even below the minimum wage of semi-skilled and unskilled wage rates also vary by region and type of work. This clearly shows the picture that domestic work is an increasingly diverse sector with avaried and globalization workforce that is often viewed as unskilled.
Women even in traditional roles have demonstrated great innovation, skill, intelligence, hard work and commitment towards their work. Various necessities of living life like education, food, health, security can only be achieved once women also contributes to the family’s wealth, especially in case of families living at the edge. There has been always a debate on skilled and non- skilled domestic workers, wherein skilled domestic workers are quite a few in India and in other countries there are lot of provision for the domestic workers and looked upon with dignity.
With this vision VishvashantiMahila Vikas Mandal brought the concept of providing training to the unskilled domestic workers and placing them to a dignified job they deserve to know better about their rights, safety and protection.
The project emphasizes on mobilizing a group of domestic workers and selecting 300 women from M-ward of Mumbai starting with the age group of 21 to 45 years. The duration of the training will be 25 days out of which 10 days generic subject and 15 days specialized training on cooking and child patient care will be imparted. The training will be an ongoing activity for a year.
Per beneficiary cost of training is Rs. 5611 (Five thousand six hundred and eleven).
TOTAL Requirement – Rs.1683300
    thanks to all the socially responsible citizens
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