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  • We Contribute - India COVID19 Aid Fund
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Most Indians residing in urban areas in the past few weeks have received at least one call, text message or have come across a social media post requesting help for lifesaving medicines, hospital beds, blood plasma, oxygen or an ambulance amongst other things. These desperate calls for help, have literally been shots in the dark with a sincere hope that something will materialize. Fortunately, these have NOT fallen on deaf ears and some have been able receive timely support but many have not.

The unfortunate reality is that even with help in the offing, reaching the right resource can be a tedious and a time-consuming process, wasting precious lifesaving hours for the patient. Through We Connect we aim at providing medical equipment and essentials to medical centers that are in dire need to ensure timely medical care is given that ensures the speedy recovery of fellow citizens across India.

All funds raised at We Contribute from you will be used towards providing Covid-19 Aid through us for fellow Indians.

Even one life saved will be worth it!

N.B.: All contributions over Rs. 50,000 should be made directly to the foundation to be eligible for tax benefit.

For most people, breathing freely is taken for granted. On the rare occasion, one feels breathlessness one just sits catches their breath and moves on.
COVID-19 has resurged in India at an exponential and an unprecedented rate, leaving the healthcare system on the precipice of a collapse and those who have contracted the disease vulnerable and gasping for life. Many have sadly passed, leaving behind distraught families, angered and helpless, in some cases children orphaned overnight!

People are haplessly relying on their networks and networks of their kith and kin to come to aid and assist in procuring the much-needed lifesaving medicines, oxygen, plasma and even just a hospital bed. There is a huge demand but limited supply and, in some cases, limited access to the supplies, sometimes rendering them impossible to procure or at exorbitant prices. The demand was initially limited only to the larger metros but now requests are emerging from various cities, towns and districts across the country.
    thanks to all the socially responsible citizens
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